An Eye for Detail

//An Eye for Detail

An Eye for Detail

Because we utilize a trusted pool of translators it is often possible to make use of the same translator when you have recurring projects. This can be a great benefit in the translation process. Over time, the translator can become more familiar with your materials and be better able to capture the correct tone and voice. A recent conversation between a translator, project manager and customer demonstrated another great benefit of a translator being familiar with your materials and protocol. They can help you catch mistakes that may even be in your source material!

This eye for detail is an important asset to look for in your translation company. During the project we were contacted by the translator about some dates that appeared to be incorrect in the materials he was translating. We were able to verify the information with our customer and correct the mistakes before the translation was completed; saving our customer valuable time and money. Needless to say our customer was very grateful.

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