It’s All About Service

//It’s All About Service

It’s All About Service

Twenty years ago, I was working for one of the original worldwide mega-providers of language services. I got into this industry via my technology background and I spent ten years building and leading what was then one of the premier companies utilizing technology to help provide language services. Back then, there were those who were “in the know” about technology who were predicting that technology breakthroughs were just around the corner, and when these happened, it would revolutionize the industry. Translation companies who relied upon humans would become the dinosaurs of the industry and would soon be extinct. As part of the preparation for a merger, I left the company and the industry for a period of eleven years.

I am now very pleased to have joined Verbatim Solutions and be back in this industry.  Verbatim Solutions was founded years ago upon the premise that the keys to success in this industry are: quality, price, and service.  We continue to build our company with focus on these key areas, and we are continually rewarded by happy clients who use us and refer us to their friends and colleagues because of our ability to excel in these areas.

It is fascinating to me after my eleven year absence that there are still those who are “in the know” who are still predicting that the industry will be revolutionized in a matter of just a a few years by developments that are just about to be released into commercial use.  They are still predicting that in a relatively short period of time, service oriented providers like Verbatim Solutions will be extinct.

To this, I politely say “Hogwash!”

Don’t misunderstand me. Technology continues to be an important part of the equation, and will remain so. But our position is that you don’t build a service company based upon technology.  Verbatim Solutions has always been and will continue to be “technology agnostic”.  We are not married to any specific technology.  We use them all!  We have the latest and greatest in tools, but we will also use client tools or CMS systems.  To us, it is much more important to focus on our three key building blocks of quality, price and service. In the end, it is people who make the decisions, people who use the results, and people who are satisfied or not with what has been done.

One of the things I absolutely love about my job is when clients express how happy they are with our results.  “You got it done early, and it looks great!”, or “I was so pleased with how the translator was able to maintain the layout!”, or “You guys make it so easy to deal with you!” are but a few of the actual comments I’ve received in the three short months I’ve been here.

That’s not to say we are perfect. One of the side effects of being human is that sometimes our people make mistakes and unfortunately sometimes our clients see those mistakes. What hopefully makes us different is the way we respond to those mistakes when they happen. We are committed to service and satisfaction, and I encourage any client who is unhappy and doesn’t get satisfaction via our regular processes to call me personally and I will do everything I reasonably can to make it right, whatever it is.

I’m excited and proud to be part of Verbatim Solutions, and I promise our clients that as we continue to grow, our commitment to service will remain paramount. In this issue you will read about our new client referral program. I’m excited to be able to give our clients a small “Thank You” when they take the time to share their good experiences with their friends and associates. As I stated above, in the end, it’s all about people, and what makes us different to our clients and future clients is our service.

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